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Social Media Marketing

'Welcome to Outsmart Digital your local Social Media Marketing Agency located in the Twin Cities. We work with social media clients from single-person shops to large companies. Social media is a great opportunity to get your product or service in front of the RIGHT people with the most RELEVANT message. We look forward to working with you.'

Matt Balshaw


Step 1
Meet with the team to understand your needs and struggles.
Step 2
We will look at all the data you provide to help us understand the business.
Step 3
Building a strategy from the discovery and research phase.
Step 4
This is where we launch the social media advertising or kickstart the social media management campaign.
Step 5
Review the campaigns and make adjustments as needed and report back to you.
Step 6
After we find the winning formula we will scale and double down.


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Happy Customers

We hired Outsmart Digital to manage our social media channels and create a new website. Our social media channels have grown significantly and we have seen a huge increase in ROI. Matt is fantastic to work with. Thank you!

Laura K.

Co-founder of Marketers Community

Happy Customers

Awesome experience! We didn't think we needed social media and a new website until they approached us and asked us what we would like. What a difference a professional and expert in this space can make. They are first class and would highly recommend them to grow your social channels and for a new website.

Matt S.

- Owner @ EIA

Social Media Management

Social media is a powerful communication channel between your businesses and your customers. We create authentic campaigns and real-time messaging that engages our client's customers on carefully chosen social media platforms.

Thank you for Stopping By to Outsmart Digital.

We are a social media management and social media marketing agency with locations in St. Paul / Minneapolis MN, and Charleston, SC with 10+ years of experience. Matt began Outsmart Digital in his living room in St. Paul, MN in the Fall of 2019, after he realized that businesses needed a partner in social media that targeted the correct audience, with the correct message focussed on growing your online community, increasing engagement and driving leads / sales for your organization.

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